Our Philosophy

Lazy Guru is about solving our problems effortlessly. By stopping, tuning in and letting go we activate the self-organising principle.

Making Space

The best way to get creative and solve problems is to relax and let go of stress. But relaxing is difficult and stress has become normal in a world of pressure, competition and continuous improvement – where we are only as good as what we achieve. So how can we relax when we need it most? The solution is to make space from the belief “I need to do something”. Lazy Guru is here to remind you that your best work and best outcomes happen when you ignore that thought, relax and let go.

In the past our working cultures gave us space for ups and downs, winter and summer, rest and labour. The industrial age put an end to that; and the tech revolution has intensified it. Constant, intense productivity has become the goal, and the rewards we get (money, status, security) keep us coming back for more. The cost is real – not just in stress and tiredness, but in the tricky environments we create and the uninspiring solutions we deliver. Nothing seems to change. Who enjoys that? The Lazy Guru is here to remind us to relax and give ourselves space to connect with another way; a way that doesn’t drive us all into the ground. By paying attention to our feelings of upset, tiredness and emotion, we give space for something amazing to happen.